Vivid was established by the Legend Late Mr. Antony L. Erinjery. (1925-1993) He was owning a Press at Calicut. He stopped his business there and started VIVID PROCESS in his home town Thrissur in the year 1962 with the experience of more than 20 years.

By then we were the first to introduce Photo Block Making, Offset Printing, Pre- Press Services, Photostat, Marble & Granite Engraving, Brass Etching, Seal Making etc.. For the ease of operation and expansion found another firm separately, Vivid Printers in 1982 Vivid Process & Vivid Printers managed by his two sons
Mr. Lonachan Anto Erinjery & Mr. Kuriachan Anto Erinjery .

Vivid Process

We at Vivid Process seek to bring the cutting edge technology to the craft of designing personalized memorabilia and branding merchandise.We undertake a wide range of orders from designing & crafting branding merchandise, Paraphernalia, mementos, brass & steel etching, flat bed printing, gold and silver coin dies, granite & marble engraving, laser engraving, tomb stone, design sticker cutting name board, number plates, seals of all kinds making etc...

We are the pioneers of 3d engraving technologies in the then Southern Region and pride ourselves in adapting and evolving to meet international standards In the craft. We have an illustrious history of 55 years in the field and hope to carry on in this distinguished tradition. Vivid Process is now a partnership, owned and operated by Mr. Kuriachan Anto Erinjery, Mrs. Fancy Kuriachan and Antony K Erinjery